The Trapeze Artist

A man will endlessly torture his muscles until they shriek and complain. But he will not give in. He will take a hammer to his ceiling until neighbours begin to watch from the window and journalists knock at the door. He will continue to train and hack away at the house until it is finished and the trapeze is in place.

Although his parents thought he was nice and kind-hearted and teachers saw him as a good boy, secretly he hated his drab, ordered world and longed for more. Then, when he was fourteen, a new boy arrived at his school. Edward exuded the coolness of a latter-day Oscar Wilde. Edward listened to Patti Smith, watched Fassbinder films and knew the writings of Gore Vidal, and one evening, would kiss him in the moonlight.

Forty years old and fleeing from a life he can no longer handle, he stumbles upon the circus. Not knowing why, only that he must, he gets in his car and follows after it, refusing to listen to the doubts that plague him, determined to build a new home and family.

The Trapeze Artist draws together the past, present and future of one life to create a work of startling dexterity and vision - a haunting and heartbreaking account of a child, a boy, a man, desperate to free himself from the suffocating weight of his desires, his family and his grief..

"An extraordinary tale of tragedy and failure in love, told with great panache" Edmund White
"a haunting, stylish novel with a strong emotional punch" Bookish Magpie
"the closing scene is breathtaking, even heart-stopping" The Guardian
"... he is able to convey .... the extraordinary art of an aerialist so convincingly" The Sunday Times
"endearing and thought provoking… Davis weaves an intriguing and entrancing tale of physical and emotional pain, struggle, loss and redemptive love" Polari

Book Title

The Trapeze Artist

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