Dream Machine

Dream Machine is Will Davis’s new book – an explosive cocktail of comedy and pathos in which four lives collide in the wretched pursuit of fame and fortune, spiralling towards a devastating conclusion that confronts the very nature of dreams, and ultimately questions the point of having them.

Reader Reviews

"Amazing! This is the type of book you lose track of time and miss your bus stop...!"

"Smart, Funny, Acidic. It's marvelously entertaining, funny and gripping to watch as the 'machine' mangles Davis's well drawn characters..."

Dream Machine is published by Bloomsbury – to purchase a copy click here.

“And the name of the girl through to next week is...” I want to kill her for pausing once again. I want to see her bludgeoned to death with her own stupid mic, her even stupider skin-tight dress all stained with oozing gore...’

Thousands of wannabes are auditioning to be part of mega-girlband Purrfect in a new reality TV series. Among them are ice queen Louise, who believes she’s got God on her side, foul-mouthed Joni, desperate to hide the fact that she’s a mother, mousy teen Ella, obsessed with her stepmother’s boyfriend, and cocky Riana, a stripper with a naughty penchant for coke. Each is determined to be the new Purrfect girl. But as the show progresses it seems someone has a very different sort of agenda in mind – someone who’s not afraid to get deadly...

Book Title

Dream Machine